The Driver's License Point System in South Dakota

How Many Points Before Your License is Suspended?

South Dakota, like most states, uses a point system to track drivers. Under that system each point serves as a demerit, and the more you get, the more likely it is that you will have your license suspended or even revoked for good. By the way, points are assessed on out-of-state convictions just as if committed in South Dakota. Although these infractions are reported to your insurer, the accrued points may not have much significance because, when deciding on rate increases, most insurers apply their own point system.


Any driver who accumulates 15 points in any 12 consecutive months, or 22 points in any 24 consecutive months is subject to suspension. If multiple offenses arise out of a single incident, points will be assessed on the offense carrying the highest point value. Also, state Law requires revocation of license for DWIs. A first suspension is 60 days (maximum); a second suspension is six months (maximum) and subsequent suspensions are one year (maximum).

How Many Points for Each Infraction?

Driving Under the Influence


Reckless Driving 


Eluding/Attempting to Elude 


Drag Racing 


Failure to Yield Right of Way 


Improper Passing 


Driving Wrong Side of Roadway 


Stop Sign/Light Violation 


Other Moving Violations 

2 *

*State Law requires revocation of license for Driving While Intoxicated

Getting Rid of Points

After 24 months, a point violation no longer counts towards a driver’s total assessment.

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