The Driver's License Point System in Texas

How Many Points Before Your License is Suspended?

The Texas Driver Responsibility Program establishes a system to assess points and convictions to an individual based on certain traffic offenses. Under that system each point serves as a demerit, and the more you get, the more likely it is that you will have to pay a “surcharge.” Although these infractions are reported to your insurer, the accrued points may not have much significance because, when deciding on rate increases, most insurers apply their own point system.


A surcharge is applied when a driver accumulates six points or more. The driver must pay $100 for the first six points and $25 for each additional point. No points are applied for these “Conviction Types” since the surcharge is automatic upon conviction. Automatic surcharges are applied as show below: 

How Many Points/Convictions for Each Infraction?

Texas moving violation


Out-of-state moving violation


Texas moving violation resulting in a crash


Out-of-state moving violation resulting in a crash


Conviction Type

Assigned Surcharge

Intoxication: 1st offense, Texas or out-of state conviction for driving, intoxication assault, or manslaughter


Intoxication: 2nd, 3rd, or more offenses, Texas or out-of-state conviction for driving, intoxication assault, or man- slaughter


DWI with blood alcohol concentration of 0.16 or greater, Texas or out-of-state conviction


Driving without insurance


Driving while license invalid: driver license is cancelled, suspended, denied renewal, or revoked


Driving without a license, no driver license or commercial driver license, expired license, or endorsement violation(s)



Through Texas’ Indigency Program and Incentive Program, drivers with unpaid surcharges may qualify for significant reductions of the amount they owe and maintain their driving privileges. 

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