Disabled Parking Permits in the District of Columbia (D.C.)

How to obtain plates and placards

A disabled driver is entitled to a disabled license plate or placard in the District of Columbia. To qualify for disability parking plates or placards (sometimes referred to as  “handicapped stickers”) in the District of Columbia, the applicant must meet one of the following medical conditions:

  • lost the use of one (1) or both legs
  • is severely disabled and unable to walk without the aid of a mechanical device (Mechanical device includes wheelchair, walker, crutches, cane and long leg braces.)
  • suffers from respiratory disease or ailment (After consideration of the extent that the Aerial PO2 is less than 60 mmHg, the Forced Vital Capacity (“FVC”) is less than 50% of the predicted value, the Forced Expiratory Volume in one second (“FEV1”) is less than 40% of the predicted value and the FEV1/FVC is less than 40% of the actual value when measured in liters by a spirometer based on predicted normal values for the individual’s sex, age and height.
  • has a physical disability that is long-term and substantially impairs the individual’s mobility
  • or suffers from a physical disability that is temporary and substantially impairs the individual’s mobility?

A medical certification is not required if the applicant is

  • missing lower extremity or
  • unable to walk without the aid of a motorized wheelchair

The Application

You can seek either plates or a placard by sending in the District of Columbia’s application for disability parking identification. You may also apply at your local DMV.

Types of Disability Access Parking Plates and Placards

The District of Columbia DMV offers disability tags for vehicles of persons requiring such assistance and parking placards/permits for persons requiring such assistance. The placards are placed inside the vehicle on the rear view mirror. DMV also issues disability tags, which are only available to DC residents. These disability tags replace the vehicle's tags. DC residents may be issued one set of disability tags and a disability parking placard/permit. Disability tags or parking placards/permits for people with disabilities are available at all DMV service locations.

Abusing Disabled Parking Privileges

A person who parks illegally in a handicapped space faces a fine of $100 for a first offense in the District of Columbia.  

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