Massachusetts Speeding Laws

Basic Speed Law: No person shall "run" a motor vehicle at a rate of speed greater than is reasonable and proper, having regard to traffic and the use of the way and the safety of the public. MASS.   Ch. 90, § 17

Penalty for Exceeding Speed Limit

A first time violator may be fined not less than $50. If  the offender was exceeding the speed limit by more than 10 MPH, an additional fine of $10 per MPH over the such limit. 

Penalty for Reckless Driving

A first time violator may be:

  • fined between $20 and $200,
  • sentenced to jail time of between two weeks to two years, and
  • the violator’s license may be suspended not less than 60 days.

Speed Limits

65 MPH on certain parts of interstate highways. (This speed limit applies on interstate highway route 90, the Massachusetts Turnpike, between the New York state border and the Westfield interchange, and from the Ludlow interchange to the Auburn interchange, interstate highway route 91 from the Vermont border to Northampton, Exit 21, and interstate 95 from the Newbury interchange 56 to the Danvers interchange 50.)

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