Common New York Traffic Violation Codes

The New York Vehicle and Traffic Code governs New York violation codes for common driving infractions and criminal acts. Traffic laws and regulations are state governed, so New York rules will not apply if you are driving in another state. 

Common New York Traffic Codes

Every driver has probably experienced the anxiety of possibly being sited for a traffic violation at one point or another. If you are a New York driver, the following are some common traffic violation codes and what they encompass for your jurisdiction:

New York City Parking Violations

Parking infractions are a common way of being sited and fined in New York City. Some Common New York Parking Violations and their corresponding code sections include:

  • Parking in an area that has a sign or other indication that parking is prohibited - Section 20
  • Parking in an area restricted due to street cleaning - Section 21
  • Expired parking meter violation - Sections 43 & 44
  • Parking in a bicycle lane - Section 48
  • Parking in a blue zone - Section 57

Obviously, it is necessary to read signs carefully before parking anywhere in New York to avoid steep fines.

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