Points on a California Commercial Driver's License

Getting points on your record can result in job loss, license suspension and serious fines.

If you are a California commercial driver (CDL), you know how important it is to retain an impeccable driving record. Getting points on your record can result in job loss, license suspension and serious fines. Getting a violation will make getting insurance even more expensive.

Points on a CDL for a Traffic Violation in a Commercial Vehicle

If you are a California commercial truck driver who recently received a speeding ticket, you need to make sure to fight the ticket if at all possible. Truckers cannot remove the points from a moving violation from their driving record by taking traffic school.

In addition to speeding, there are violations that are more serious when committed by a commercial driver, such as driving at excessive speeds, improper lane changes and following another vehicle too closely. If you receive two such violations over a short enough period, your California driver's may be suspended. If you are a commercial driver, you cannot work if you have no license because you cannot be insured and it is illegal to drive without a license. A violation received while driving a commercial vehicle results in one and a half the points as compared with a normal violation. For this reason, it often pays to defend yourself and fight the ticket in many cases. The penalties for a ticket do not increase when you fight them, so it is a good idea to at least give defense of the ticket your best shot before you accept penalties.

Getting Legal Help

If you need help dealing with the court system and your California commercial driver's license is in jeopardy, an experienced defense attorney can help you assess your situation from a legal perspective. Because most people do not have a good understanding of the legalities of a particular case, talking to a lawyer can help you gain the knowledge to fight your ticket more successfully.

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