Oklahoma’s Child Safety Seat and Seatbelt Laws

Oklahoma’s child safety seat laws and the penalties of a violation.

Oklahoma has car seat laws to help prevent injury and harm to children and infants. Different restraint systems—rear-facing, forward-facing, booster seat, or seatbelts—are required depending on the child's height, weight, and age. This article explains the requirements and penalties of Oklahoma's child restraint laws.

Child Seat Requirements

All Oklahoma children under eight years old must be properly secured by a child restraint or booster seat. The driver is responsible for ensuring compliance.

Children under two years old. Until at least two years old, all children must be properly secured in a rear-facing child safety restraint system. This requirement includes infant seat or rear-facing harnesses. A child who exceeds the rear-facing seat height and weight limits may be forward-facing.

Children under four years old. All children under four years old must use a child safety restraint system with a harness. This requirement may include infant seats and rear- and forward-facing car seats.

Children under eight years old. Once a child is at least four years old, he or she may use a booster seat. A booster seat is required until the child is eight years old or at least four-foot, nine-inches tall. Then, a seatbelt is sufficient.

Exceptions. School buses, taxis, ambulances, and certain antique cars are exempt from the child restraint requirements. A child may also be exempt if a physician has provided written certification that a restraint isn't advisable due to a medical condition.

Violation. A child seat violation will result in a $50 fine plus court costs for the driver. A first-offense will be reduced to no fine and $15 court costs if the driver shows proof of acquiring a car seat.

Seatbelt Requirements

All drivers and front-seat passengers must wear seatbelts. Rural postal workers and those with medical conditions can be exempt from this requirement.

Violation. A seatbelt violation carries a maximum $20 penalty and will not result in license demerit points.

A driver can also be fined $25 for permitting passengers to ride outside of the designated passenger compartment.


The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office is tasked with educating the public on child seat safety. They have created the following recommendations to help parents choose proper car seats.

















Booster (Rear Seat)

Seat Belt (Rear Seat)

Seat Belt

More Information and Resources

For more information about child restraint systems, check the recommendations of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It's also a good idea to register your car seat to be notified regarding recalls.

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