Alabama Teen Driving Laws, Insurance Requirements & Drivers License

Information on Alabama Teen Driving Rules, Insurance Requirements & Drivers License

Learner and Restricted Licenses in Alabama

You're never to young to get behind the wheel in Alabama! Although the minimum age for a driver's license in Alabama is 16, Alabama's Restricted Learner's License allows 15-year olds to practice safe driving with certain restrictions in place.

The Restricted Learner’s License

A 15-year old can obtain a Restricted Learner’s License after taking an exam. Once the exam is passed the teen driver will receive a Class “D” driver’s license with a “Y” restriction. The “Y” indicates that the driver must be accompanied by a person 21 years of age or older with a drivers license in good standing in the State of Alabama or possess credentials as a certified driving instructor. This adult must occupy the seat beside the teen driver while the teen is driving.

When the Restricted Learner’s License holder turns 16 years old, the driver is allowed to drive accompanied by any licensed driver as long as the licensed driver occupies the seat next to the driver. A Restricted Learner’s License in the State of Alabama is valid for 4 years and can be renewed only once.

The Learner’s License

The applicant must be 16 years of age and pass an examination to receive a learner’s license. The information used for this examination is located in the State of Alabama Driver’s Manual. Once the exam is passed the teen driver will receive a Class “D” driver’s license with a “Y” restriction. On a Learner’s License, the “Y” indicates that the teen driver must drive with a licensed driver who must be in the seat next to the teen driver. The Learner’s License is valid for 4 years.

The State of Alabama Drivers License

Any driver in good standing between 16 and under 18 years old who has had a Learner’s License for 6 months or up until their 18th birthday may be qualified to take a road test with a local driver license examiner. The teen driver must surrender their Learners License at the time of the road test. If the test is passed the teen driver will receive a new driver’s license with the “Y” restriction removed for the remainder of the 4 year time period.

State of Alabama Motor Driven Cycle License

Any teen driver from 14 to 15 years of age can receive a restricted license to drive a motor driven cycle. The motor driven cycle must not weigh more than 200 pounds and not exceed 150cc engine displacement. The exam information is taken from the State of Alabama Motorcycle Manual. Once the teen driver has passed the exam he will receive a Class “M” Alabama driver license with a “B” restriction.

  • The “B” restriction shows that the driver may only operate a motor driven cycle.
  • The Class “M” License is valid for 4 years.

State of Alabama Motorcycle License

Teen drivers 16 years and above can take the exam to operate a motorcycle. A motorcycle is defined as “ a motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for The use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than three wheels In contact with the ground but excluding a tractor. The exam for the State of Alabama Motorcycle License is available at the link posted above. Once the teen driver has passed the exam, he will be issued a Class M drivers license. The Class M license shows that the driver is allowed to operate a motorcycle. This license is valid for 4 years.

Alabama Insurance Requirements

All vehicles registered or operated in the State of Alabama must be covered by liability insurance. This liability insurance must cover a minimum of $20,000 for injury and $40,000 for all injuries in a accident. In addition to these requirements the liability insurance must cover $10,000 in property damage. The liability insurance policy you receive must be issued by an insurance company that is qualified by the State of Alabama to issue vehicle liability insurance.

Starting September 1 st , 2008 the minimum amount of liability insurance in Alabama is $25,000 for injury, $50,000 for injuries and $25,000 for property damage. You are required to carry proof of insurance in your vehicle. This may include issuance cards with vehicle identification such as the vehicle make, model and the VIN  (Vehicle Identification Number). In lieu of the Standard liability insurance, the vehicle can be covered by a motor vehicle liability bond or deposit of cash of $50,000.

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