Talking on the Phone and Texting While Driving in Alabama

Read about Alabama’s distracted driving laws and the costs of a violation.

Alabama's distracted driving laws prohibit text messaging for all drivers and talking on a cell phone for only certain drivers. This article discusses the specifics of what the laws prohibit and the costs of a texting or cellphone ticket.

Talking on a Cell Phone While Driving in Alabama

For most Alabama motorists, there are no restrictions on talking on a cell phone while driving.

Cell Phone Restrictions for Underage Drivers

However, for motorists who are under the age of 18 and driving with a Stage II license, all handheld communication device use is prohibited while operating a vehicle.

Fines and Points for Cell Phone Tickets in Alabama

An underage cellphone or texting ticket is considered a traffic violation. The penalties for a violation include $150 to $350 in fines, and two demerit points will be added to the motorist's driving record.

Alabama's Texting While Driving Law

Alabama law prohibits all motorists from operating a vehicle on a public road, street, or highway while using a wireless telecommunication device to write, send, or read a text-based communication. As used in the texting law, "text-based communications" include email, instant messages, and regular text messages.

Exceptions to the Texting Ban

The texting ban doesn't apply to:

  • wireless device use to obtain emergency services (such as police or emergency medical care)
  • anyone using a device while parked on the shoulder of a highway, road, or street, or
  • using a wireless device as a GPS or navigation system to receive driving directions that were preprogrammed.

Fines and Points for Texting Tickets in Alabama

A texting ticket carries a:

  • $25 fine for a first violation
  • $50 fine for a second violation, and
  • $75 fine for a third or subsequent violation.

A texting violation will also add two points to the motorist's driving record.

Possible Charges Related to Distracted Driving

Depending on the circumstances, a texting or cellphone violation could also lead to a reckless driving conviction. And if one of these violations results in the death of another person, vehicular homicide charges are a possibility.

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