Arizona’s Traffic Violation Point System

The points and license-related penalties associated with traffic tickets in Arizona.

An Arizona traffic ticket generally results in fines, fees, and demerit points. The Arizona Motor Vehicles Division (MVD) keeps track of these points, and drivers who accumulate too many points will face certain consequences. This article explains Arizona's traffic violation point system and what happens when you rack up points on your driving record.

How Does Arizona's Traffic Violation Point System Work?

For each traffic ticket conviction, the Arizona MVD assigns points to the driver's record. The number of points loosely correlates to the seriousness of the offense (see chart below).

Arizona drivers who accumulate too many points, face consequences like having to complete traffic school and license suspension. But traffic ticket points don't count against you forever. So a traffic ticket every so often isn't going to lead to penalties. Points only become problematic if you get multiple tickets within a short period of time (explained below).

License Suspension for Traffic Ticket Points in Arizona

A driver who accumulates eight or more points in a 12-month period will receive a penalty notice from the MVD. These penalties depend on the number of points acquired:

  • Eight to 17 points will result in a three-month suspension
  • 18 to 23 points leads to a six-month suspension, and
  • 24 or more points will result in a 12-month suspension.

A driver with eight to 12 points may be able to attend a licensed traffic survival school in lieu of suspension. However, this option is available only once every 24 months. Failure to timely complete traffic survival school will result in a six-month suspension.

Arizona Drivers Might be Able to Reduce Point Penalties by Requesting a Hearing

The notice sent by the MVD will include the effective date of the suspension and the deadline for filing a request for an administrative hearing. At this hearing, the driver can dispute the validity of the prior convictions and request a reduction or modification of the normal consequences.

Hiring a traffic attorney to represent you at the hearing is probably a good idea.

Point Values for Traffic Violations in Arizona

Here are the point values for some of the most common traffic violations. For some offenses, the driver can avoid the point assessment by completing a defensive driving course.


Points assessed

DWI (driving while intoxicated)


Reckless driving


Racing on highway


Aggressive driving


Failure to report or stop at accident


Causing fatality accident


Causing injury accident


Failure to maintain prudent speed


Other unlisted traffic violation


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