Delaware’s Traffic Violation Point System

How Delaware’s licensing demerit point system works and how tickets can lead to license suspension.

Delaware established the "Driver Improvement Problem Driver Program" to identify problematic drivers and prevent crashes. To this end, drivers who are convicted of a traffic infraction will receive demerit points on their record. Acquiring too many points will require the driver to participate in the Problem Driver Program and could lead to license suspension.

Points Values for Specific Violations

Here are some of the point values for common Delaware moving violations. Even if the violation occurs in another state, Delaware will still assign the associated points.


Points assessed

Speeding 1 to 9 miles per hour over limit


Speeding 10 to 14 miles per hour over limit


Speeding 15 to 19 miles per hour over limit


Speeding 20 or more miles per hour over limit


Passing a stopped school bus


Reckless driving


Operation causing death


Aggressive driving


Traffic sign violation


Any other moving violation


Many of the more serious violations carry a separate suspension and additional license-related penalties.

Consequences of Acquiring Too Many Demerit Points

Drivers who accumulate at least eight points must participate in the Problem Driver Program. These drivers will receive an advisory letter outlining the program.

Drivers with at least 12 points are subject to the following license-related penalties:

  • 12 points. At 12 points, drivers are sent a notice to complete a behavior modification driving course. Failure to complete this course within 90 days will result in a two-month suspension.
  • 14 points. At 14 points, the driver's license will be suspended for four months. The suspension length increases by two months (up to 12 months) for every two additional points. For example, the driver would receive a six-month suspension for 16 points and a 12-month suspension for 22 points. All drivers who reach 14 or more points must complete the behavior modification driving course prior to license reinstatement.

Drivers facing suspension can request an interview with a driver improvement officer to discuss their record, extensions of time, and alternative penalties like reexamination.

Reducing Points

Twelve months after a violation, the ticket's point value is reduced by half. The point assessment will be removed altogether 24 months after the violation.

Completion of a certified defensive driving course will remove up to three points from the driver's record.

Occupational Licenses

Drivers suspended for excessive points can request an occupational license. This license can be used to drive to and from work and school. However, the driver must complete 30 days of the suspension prior to becoming eligible for an occupational license, and drivers with 15 or more points are not eligible for the license at all.

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