If I have a CDL, Can I Go to Driving School for a Speeding Ticket?

For drivers that hold a CDL, speeding tickets can be a little tricky to get out of. This is not to say that you do not have options. These options, however, are a little more time consuming then they are for other drivers.

CDL and You

Commercial driver’s licenses, or CDL for short, are issued to those drivers that operate any vehicle that is used commercially, including vehicles that carry sixteen passengers or more such as public busses. In order to receive a CDL, the driver must complete additional testing that exceeds the ordinary driver’s license test. After all, large trucks are a different type of vehicle altogether and require a specialized knowledge to properly operate. Since the holder of a CDL has so much additional training and their rigs are often large and pose a significant danger if driven in a reckless manner, they are usually held to a much higher standard than other drivers on the road. Speeding represents a large risk and if a driver has been cited, courts are rarely willing to waive it.

What About Driving School?

Driving schools are a great way to reduce speeding fines and even knock off penalty points from your license. Unfortunately, truck drivers and others that hold a CDL will find that they are not eligible to enroll in the driving school in many states like Florida. As mentioned, those with a CDL will find it difficult to contest a ticket. Even if they can attend a driving school, it may not clear or reduce their fine but even if it only prevents a point from being placed on their license, this is still valuable, given that the fees for operating a commercial vehicle on a suspended license run thousands and thousands of dollars.

Other Options

Still, if you feel that the speeding ticket was given unjustly, there are options. Hiring a lawyer to help you in contesting a speeding ticket is probably the best bet at beating it. Going before a judge in such situations is tricky and involves gathering as much evidence as you possibly can. The trial will pretty much be your word against that of the police officer. With the lawyer you will find the process just a tad easier. The attorney will be able to gather information, witness testimonies, and even evidence from the police department should you decide to claim that the radar gun was faulty. So, drivers with a CDL will often find it impossible to fight a speeding ticket since driving schools offer little relief from the fine. A lawyer is your best bet if you really feel the need to contest the ticket but this will take some time and patience.

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